Nonsurgical treatment like cool sculpting doesn’t get rid of the fat cell but freezes them and occasionally makes the fat look a little smaller, and there is a risk for it to come back worse in those particular places later.

On the contrary, Laser Liposuction works internally, removes fat permanently, and it tightens the skin at the same time.

In conclusion, laser Liposuction is half the cost of Cool Sculpting and is more effective.

After performing a digital skin analysis, and depends on how deep your brown spots are. A laser therapy, an IPL (Intense pulse light) treatment or even a combination of both would be an effective treatment option to deal with your brown or aging spots.  You can expect a moderate response after a single treatment, however, 2-3 treatments may be necessary for the best result.

I suggest a complimentary consultation and an examination. Treatment plans for loose skin are different based on if you have excess skin, excess fat, neck cord protrusion or a combination of these three.  

If you have loose skin and a true turkey neck, Skin Tightening is the best non-invasive treatment for Lifting the skin of the face, neck, and body. Our devices deliver controlled heating into the deeper dermal structure to constrict tissue and firm skin from the inside out. In addition, the treatments stimulate the body to produce more collagen for results that are both natural and long-lasting

It all depends on your skin type and what degree of skin damage you actually have; We offer a complimentary digital skin analysis that will allow us to determine your skin problems and based on these results, we recommend the best skin products for your condition.

Overall, we have found that our patients receive the best results from ZO Skin Products.

We choose a particular laser based upon the size of the pore, skin type of the patient, and expectations.  The most reliable method is with the Sciton Laser. This laser beats all our Fraxel lasers and chemical peel techniques. Very little downtime, and it is ideal for small to medium sized pores. 

Hand rejuvenation treatments turn back the clock by reducing wrinkles, minimizing prominent veins, and improving skin tone. Because our hands are one of the first areas to reveal aging, they’re exposed to damaging ultraviolet rays day in and day out,

When it comes to plumping up the hands, injectable fillers, like Radiesse and Voluma, are a popular solution, and both are FDA-approved for that purpose.

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