Ditch the SPANX

Going to an event or on a date is a great opportunity to break out that little red dress or outfit that’s been hiding in the back of your closet. Instead of relying on body-shaping undergarments or SPANX to feel comfortable in those more fitted pieces, consider opting for a more reliable solution to smoothen out the muffin tops and flanks area.

The newest trend in liposuction today is laser liposuction; the least invasive method of liposuction available in aesthetic surgery. For men and women considering lipo, staying awake during their procedure gives patients a new option when it comes to body sculpting. Unlike other forms of liposuction that require full general anesthesia, Laser liposuction uses a combination of sedatives and a local anesthetic so patients can feel comfortable with less downtime than traditional liposuction method.

During the consultation, your surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate for this minimally invasive procedure and will answer all your questions.

Take the first step to feeling good in your skin again.

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