Get a High-Performance Hair Reduction

Hair removal can get messy and time-consuming, whether you decide to wax or shave, not to mention the annoying bumps and burns that are often left behind. Imagine the time and energy you’d save if you didn’t have to worry about any of that! Choose a longer-lasting solution to reduce permanent hair growth altogether with a series of customized laser hair removal treatments. This low maintenance alternative means you won’t need to worry about stubble left behind by your razor or deal with hot and messy wax anymore.

Fotona Laser offers a special high-performance computerized scanner, that can easily treat large areas such as the legs, back, and chest quickly and efficiently, making laser treatments one of the most cost-effective solutions for long-term hair reduction. Fotona’s high peak-power laser pulses provide the speed and efficiency needed to uniformly cover large scanning areas. Depending on the size of the treatment area, between three to five sessions, six to eight weeks apart will lead to a significant aesthetic and clinical result.

Celebrate love with smooth, stubble-free skin all year round.

To schedule Hair laser Removal treatment, contact Amarillo Laser & Vein Clinic in Amarillo, TX. This advanced laser treatment can effectively remove unwanted hair—and your confidence.