Medical Treatments for Hair Restoration

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

As stand-alone treatment, PRP have shown to slow the progress of balding and hair loss, and in some cases reverse the hair loss. This type of treatment is especially beneficial for men and women with an early stage of hair loss. After one syringe of blood is removed from the patient, similar to drawing blood for labs, the blood is placed into a centrifuge called the Harvest system. After centrifuging, the platelet can multiply their growth factors up to ten times their natural rate. This platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the thinning hair site or the transplanted hair site to promote healing and stimulate the regeneration of the hair follicle.


The LaserCap is one of the newest breakthroughs in non-surgical solutions for treating hair loss. Developed by an internationally acclaimed optical physicist and photomedicine expert, the LaserCap treats your scalp with 224 low-level red 5mw 650nm individual lasers to stimulate hair growth.


Your deserve a healthy head of hair, and Tricomin can help you achieve it. Scientifically crafted for both men and women, Tricomin® products are formulated with Triamino Copper Complex™, a patented blend of copper and essential amino acids. It's never been easier to restore your hairs natural health and vitality.


Rogaine® solutions and foam maintains its level of success in slowing hair loss and promoting regrowth in over 70% of men and 80% of women.

Propecia (Finasteride)

Healthy men who are just starting to see the signs of hair loss on the top or middle front of the head may be good candidates for Propecia®. This prescription medication is many time a logical first step in treating thinning hair for men, well before considering hair restoration surgery. This once-a-day pill stabilizes hair loss in 90% of men.

Capillus Keratin Hair Fibers

A temporary, quick fix that provides patients instant coverage for fuller hair in seconds. Thousands of miniature keratin fiber particles cling statically to hair, instantly concealing areas of thinning.

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