Vein Treatment


Vein Treatment

Digital Guided Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the injection of a medication into a visible vein to make it less noticeable or disappear. It works by irritating the inside lining of the vein so that the vein seals and thus, causes the vein to gradually dissolve over several weeks. Sclerotherapy takes about 20-30 minutes and can be used to treat spider veins, reticular and varicose veins. Some patients will need a series of treatments to obtain the best results.

A digital imaging device called the "Vein Viewer" is used to guide the injections. This device uses near-infrared light to create a digital image of the patient's vein pattern which allows the introduction of the sclerotherapy medication into the targeted veins with extreme accuracy. Providing the patient with the best results. In the panhandle, this technology is exclusive to Amarillo Laser & Vein Clinic

Compression stockings are usually worn for two weeks after treatment. We ask that you walk, bike, treadmill (or similar activity) about 30 minutes daily for a few days.


Sotradecol and Asclera

A variety of FDA approved medications have been used for sclerotherapy. These medications are called sclerosants since they “sclerose“ or close the vein. Dr. Jarrous uses Sotradecol (Sodium Tetradecyl Sulfate) or Asclera (Polidocanol) and he most often recommends against using hypertonic saline (Saline Sclerotherapy) as the saline injections causes much more discomfort and burning sensation during treatment and has a significantly higher risk of causing skin ulceration should it be inadvertently injected outside of the vein.

Foam Sclerotherapy

Foam sclerotherapy can be useful for treating larger veins. With foam sclerotherapy, Sotradecol or Polidocanol is mixed with air prior to its injection, creating a foamy solution. This increases its strength and effectiveness. It is especially important that the physician is very knowledgeable and experienced before using foam sclerotherapy.

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Laser Spider Vein Before and After
Before and After

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